Cervical Collar with Trachea Opening


  • Post-operative cervical fractures
  • Halo removal
  • Anterior cervical fusion
  • Dens type I cervical fracture of C2
  • Anterior discectomy
  • Suspected cervical trauma in unconscious patients
  • Tear-drop fracture of the vertebral body (Note: Some tear-drop fractures require anterior decompression and fusion.)
  • Cervical strain


  • Kinesthetic reminder to limit neck movement
  • Plastic struts restrict neck flexion, extension, lateral bending and rotation


  • Made of closed cell foam material
  • An anterior hole for a tracheostomy is available
Size Height Neck Circumference
S 2 1/4"(5.7cm) 10"-13"(25cm-33cm)
S 3 1/4"(8.3cm) 10"-13"(25cm-33cm)
S 4 1/4"(10.8cm) 10"-13"(25cm-33cm)
S 5 1/4"(13.3cm) 10"-13"(25cm-33cm)
M 2 1/4"(5.7cm) 13"-16" (33cm-41cm)
M 3 1/4"(8.3cm) 13"-16" (33cm-41cm)
M 4 1/4"(10.8cm) 13"-16" (33cm-41cm)
M 5 1/4"(13.3cm) 13"-16" (33cm-41cm)
L 2 1/4"(5.7cm) 16"-18"(41cm-46cm)
L 3 1/4"(8.3cm) 16"-18"(41cm-46cm)
L 4 1/4"(10.8cm) 16"-18"(41cm-46cm)
L 5 1/4"(13.3cm) 16"-18"(41cm-46cm)
XL 2 1/4"(5.7cm) 18"-19"(46cm-48cm)
XL 3 1/4"(8.3cm) 18"-19"(46cm-48cm)
XL 4 1/4"(10.8cm) 18"-19"(46cm-48cm)
XL 5 1/4"(13.3cm) 18"-19"(46cm-48cm)